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About Ian


A Colorado transplant from small-town Illinois, singer-songwriter Ian Mahan has spent the last

decade writing and performing music for the sole purpose of connecting to his audience. His

acoustic-style songs, with melodies ranging from mellow to upbeat, are marked by

characteristic lyrical vulnerability.

Though he attended piano lessons from a young age, Ian did not find his true instrumental

passion until his 18-year- old self picked up a guitar. Ian’s high school and college years were

spent exploring music in the form of countless different bands, ultimately, establishing himself

as a solo artist in 2008.


In 2011, Ian produced his first, self-titled EP with his drummer, band director and long-time

friend, JD Raab. Four years later, Ian released "Tiger Lily,” his sophomore album which marries

the singer-songwriter genre with pop-style, electronic elements.

Released in June 2017, Ian’s six-song EP, “Rockford,” showcases his evolving musical style

grounded in emotional transparency and whispery acoustics. The album is a collection of

curated songs that highlight life’s joys and miseries – inspired by breakups, Rocky Balboa and

everything in between.


Ian has performed with notable artists such as Leon Bridges, Vanessa Carlton,

Howie Day, Nina Storey, The Rocket Summer, Parachute, Stu Larsen, Tyler Hilton, Christina Perri,

Lewis Watson, James McCartney, and Joe Brooks.